Wenger can not accompany Arsenal bench.


http://www.tutorialtani.com/ Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, have to carry out the punishment from the FA, it is forbidden to accompany the team on the bench for four games. With the penalty, Wenger will be given special seating by the FA.

According to regulations, any manager who get penalized, should not be seated in the royal box for the club directors and other key invitees. Wenger will most likely take special seating slot. http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/nwsexit.php?url=http://www.tutorialtani.com/5-langkah-mudah-cara-budidaya-ternak-burung-lovebird-cantik/

Wenger wanted to take a seat that makes it easier to communicate with staff and players. He predicted wants to take a seat near the bench.

That is, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wenger will sit side by side with Chelsea fans in the stands to the east. http://www.doleta.gov/regions/reg05/Pages/exit.cfm?vexit=http://www.tutorialtani.com/5-langkah-mudah-cara-budidaya-ternak-burung-lovebird-cantik/

To secure Wenger, Arsenal and Chelsea management will be discussed. They'll talk about how many security personnel were deployed to secure the Professor while sitting around the Chelsea fans. http://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/bye?http://www.tutorialtani.com/5-langkah-mudah-cara-budidaya-ternak-burung-lovebird-cantik/

Wenger disanksi four games by the FA for his actions encourage the fourth official, Anthony Taylor, in the game contra Burnley. And Wenger, already carry out the sentence within two duel. That is, the penalty Wenger stayed two fight again. http://transition.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/bye?http://www.tutorialtani.com/5-langkah-mudah-cara-budidaya-ternak-burung-lovebird-cantik/

The match between Chelsea vs Arsenal, in the Premier League, will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2017. The two clashed at Stamford Bridge. (One)



Bantuan Air Bersih PT Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat

PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk dalam rangka meningkatkan kepeduliannya terhadap masyarakat khususnya disekitar cilegon banten kembali melakukan kegiatan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dengan memberikan bantuan sarana air bersih kepada Warga Kampung Bonghas Tonggoh, Desa Sukaraja, Kecamatan Pulosari. Bantuan ini juga merupakan salah satu bukti bahwa perseroan dalam hal ini PTKrakatau Steel memiliki tanggung jawab terhadap kepedulian masyarakat dan lingkungan dan kooperatif terhadap ajuan yang diberikan oleh (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah) RI.

Bantuan yang diberikan oleh PT. Krakatau Steel Peduli Masyarakat ini bernilai Rp 125 juta, yang dananya berasal dari Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Krakatau Steel Grup. Dengan adanya bantuan ini diharapkan dapat memenuhi kebutuhan warga yang selama ini mengalami kesulitan air bersih.

Manager Community development PT. Krakatau Steel, Syarif Rahman berharap agar masyarakat dapat menjaga dan merawat bangunan sarana air bersih itu secara optimal, agar sarana air bersih tersebut dapat bertahan lama. Hal senada juga diucapkan oleh salah satu anggota Dewan Perwakilan Daerah (DPD) RI Ahmad Subadri berpesan, agar masyarakat dapat menjaga sarana air bersih yang telah dibangun agar dapat bertahan lama. “Kita juga berharap agar sarana tersebut dimanfaatkan dengan baik,”katanya.

Holid, Kepala Desa (Kades) Sukaraja, Kecamatan Pulosari, mengaku senang dengan adanya bantuan sarana air bersih dari Krakatau Steel. Ia menuturkan, jika selama ini warganya selalu kesulitan air bersih karena tidak adanya sarana. “Alhamdulillah, ke depan tidak akan lagi terjadi karena sudah ada bantuan ini. Kami akan menjaga dan memanfaatkan sarana tersebut dengan baik,” tuturnya.

Rojak, tokoh masyarakat Bonghas berharap dengan adanya bantuan yang diberikan, warga tidak mengalami kesulitan air bersih lagi. “mudah-mudahan ketika kemarau tiba, warga di sini tidak akan lagi kesulitan air bersih,” katanya.

Dalam perjalanannya selama 46 tahun sebagai perusahaan produsen baja terbesar di Indonesia, PT Krakatau Steel akan terus meningkatkan aksi kepedulian masyarakat lewat program-program CSR yang telah diamanahkan oleh undang-undang.

Kid Percentage Challenges the Full-Day School System of Minister

Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh, Chairman of the Fee for Child Safety (KPAI) stated that Education and Social Minister Muhadjir Effendy’s want to apply full day school software should be preceded by a thorough review.

Asrorun stated that the coverage should supply kid issues with a solution. virtual office di jakarta .adv - However, knowing from the factor of Minister Muhadjir, this program was intended to alter moment that was children’s with their parent’s work-hours by changing school times.

"It Really Is difficult even in terms of viewpoint. Utilizing a program has to be followed by improvements that were satisfactory. You-can't only 'cage' kids at university," Asrorun said August 9, 2016, in a PR release on Thursday.

Asrorun asserted that without changes in the training process and efforts to generate kid- dangers of abuse might just enhance.

Asrorun added that in making fresh procedures without appropriate reports new minister does not must rush. Policy about the education market, specially policies related to nationwide education, cannot be based on personal knowledge. Asrorun contended that all student has different family circumstances and cannot be generalized.

Moreover, Asrorun said that their interactions will be disrupted by making children to invest more hours at university with pals beyond your college premises, and parents.

"the entire day-school plan will surely reduce the power of discussion between parents and youngsters," Asrorun said.

lemari asam .adv - Asrorun added there are numerous components that requires to be accounted for ahead of the new minister needs to implement full-day college plan, for example, traineris work, additional faculty detailed cost, children who assisted their parents, along with other variety of social situations certain for several areas.

Indonesian Asian Pacific Markets Today

Indonesian assets made an exceptional performance on Monday (01/08). Indonesia's benchmark Jakarta Composite Index surged 2. 79 percent to 5, 361. 54.99 points, while the rupiah appreciated 0. 50 percent to IDR 13, 047 per US dollar. Indonesian stocks - definitely - outperformed their counterparts in other Asian Pacific countries. Overall, the majority of Asian stocks rose today on the spine of waning expectations of another ALL OF US interest rate hike in the near future.

virtual office jakarta .adv - ALL OF US economical growth in the second quarter of 2016 reached 1. 2 percent (y/y), roughly half what analysts had been planning on (moreover Q1-2016 US GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth was revised down to 0. 8 percent y/y). These disappointing numbers strengthen the idea in markets that america National Reserve will not put into action monetary tightening (an interest hike) anytime soon (at least not in the next couple of months). For emerging market possessions this is great reports as yields are more attractive during these marketplaces and therefore they see capital inflows (provided there are no major jolts that curb risk appetite).

Nyc Federal Reserve Director William Dudley explained that the central bank should remain cautious, in other words, not raise interest levels as risks to the US economy persist. Marketplaces are now eagerly anticipating america jobs data that are due on Fri. Provided inflation and ALL OF US employment improve then one US interest could still be on the schedule before the end of the year.

The Jakarta Composite Index rose 2. 79 percent, its maximum level since April 2015, driven by finance and telecom stocks. All Indonesia's blue chip stocks (foreign investors' darling) surged, especially maintained the big fall season that occurred on Comes to an end when Indonesian assets were in deep red after the Bank of Nippon announced a disappointing stimulation package. Friday's decline made blue chips relatively cheap.

Indonesia's macroeconomic data, released this morning, presented a mixed picture. While pumpiing was lower-than-expected (currently at 3. 21 percent y/y), the country's manufacturing activity experienced a sudden (and sharp) decline in July.

Chinese language assets were under pressure today after the place's manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for July revealed contraction for the first time in five a few months. Japanese stocks, one the other side of the coin hand, rose slightly as the yen's move paused.

lemari asam .adv - Meanwhile, oil prices continued to fall on Monday (01/08) on continual concern about the global supply glut (reports appeared that indicate rising result in OPEC nations as well as US device oil additions). Brent a bit crude fell USD $0. forty-four to USD $43. my partner and i per barrel, while US West Texas intermediate rejected USD $0. 40 to USD $41. 20 every barrel on Monday early morning.

Bank Indonesia's benchmark rupiah rate (the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate, cut JISDOR) appreciated 0. eleven percent to IDR 13, 080 per US buck on Monday (01/08).

Atkins Funds Teachers Union

The National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union, has said "yes" to moulah made on diets that say "no" to many fruits and vegetables.

Atkins announced that it was joining forces with the National Education Association to educate children about nutrition, in part by sponsoring a school health Web site.

Or, as Greg Toppo put it so well in his USA Today account of the deal: "The folks who brought back three-egg omelets and triple cheeseburgers want to teach your kids a thing or two about health, nutrition and exercise." 



When more than half of kids go without fruit on any given day, and childhood obesity has made this generation the first with a shorter life expectancy than their parents, what kids should be learning is that a diet low in saturated and trans fats and rich in fruits and vegetables is the foundation for preventing disease and maintaining a healthy weight.

Instead, they'll receive a "nutrition" message bankrolled by dollars earned selling a high-fat, low-fruit diet. Atkins claims it only wants to provide the NEA with "the latest research and information available on controlled-carbohydrate nutrition."

Really? Do you suppose that will include the research just published in The Lancet regarding the battery of negative side-effects - headaches, muscle fatigue, foul breath, constipation - suffered by Atkins dieters? What about the recent MIT research that suggests that low-carb dieting can cause serotonin levels to plummet? Or the Mayo Clinic survey linking a marked increase in saturated fat intake over the past five years with the Atkins craze? I don't think so.

If the Atkins folks thought that using educators to carry their low-carb message would be easy, then they were in for a rude awakening. The Partnership for Essential Nutrition - a coalition of consumer, nutrition and public health groups - has launched a letter-writing campaign to demand the immediate cancellation of the NEA-Atkins deal. The partnership warned that "there are very real dangers to children if they were to adopt a low-carb diet because the brain requires 130 grams of glucose a day for normal functioning, a quantity of carbohydrates that even the maintenance level of the Atkins diet does not deliver."

Sad to say, the NEA gets a big fat "F" when it comes to taking a responsible stand on children's nutritional needs, though we'll give 'em a bright red "A" for Atkins when it comes to irresponsibly taking money made on diets that disregard such needs. 


But maybe the unions aren't so much irresponsible as indifferent. As Albert Shanker, the late, great crusader for teachers' labor rights once observed: "I'll start representing kids when kids start paying union dues." Which raises the question once again: Just whose interests is the NEA representing?


One Golkar candidate wants to reactivate New Order structure

Golkar Party chairman candidate Priyo Budi Santoso plans to revive the party's tripartite structure, consisting of the military, bureaucrats and Golkar politicians, often called ABG in the New Order era, if he is elected chairman at a national meeting in Bali next month.

"I will ask several retired generals, police officers, teachers and civil servants to lead the party together. cerita misteri nyata .adv - I want to reunite the big family of ABG, though this does not mean I want to involve the military in the bureaucracy, as that is prohibited by law," Priyo said in Jakarta on Monday.

Suharto, the country's president and chief patron of Golkar during the New Order regime from 1966 to 1998, succeeded in developing the party into a powerful combination of the Indonesian Military, bureaucrats (civil servants) and Golkar politicians.

Under Suharto and the ABG structure, Golkar became the single biggest party in the country, consecutively sweeping all six general elections from 1971 until 1997 taking an average of over 60 percent of the vote.

Suharto's fall from the presidency led to a significant drop in Golkar's vote in the 1999 general election as it suffered defeat for the first time, securing 22.4 percent of the vote to come second behind the PDI-P, which won 33.74 percent.

One major cause of Golkar's electoral plunge was the political reformation of 1999 that terminated party-membership blocks involving the Indonesian Military and the civil service, which had formed two of the three mainstays of Golkar's membership.

Priyo says he wants to maintain a good relationship with activists, such as the heads of student movements and NGOs including Indonesia Corruption Watch. "We have to maintain relationships with the press, activists and others," he said.

Golkar has been split into two factions for around a year. One is led by Aburizal as chosen by a congress in Bali in November 2014, and another by Agung, who was elected at a conflicting congress in Ancol, Jakarta, in December 2015.

To help the party organize a congress as part of efforts to end its leadership conflict, the Law and Human Rights Ministry extended the Riau congress leadership, which expired in 2014, for six months on Jan. 28. As a result, Golkar will hold a national meeting on May 7 in Bali.

dongeng anak .adv - Several Golkar members other than Priyo have also declared their candidacy for the party's chairmanship, including party executive Idrus Marham, lawmaker Azis Syamsuddin and House of Representatives Speaker Ade Komarudin.

Felipe Melo Mau Jadi Pembunuh?

Sepak bola tidak jarang jadi jalan yg mengubah kehidupan sebahagian agung pemain buat jadi lebih baik.

hal tersebut yg dirasakan Felipe Melo. sekretaris profesional .adv - Gelandang Inter Milan tersebut mengaku bahwa beliau bisa saja hidup bergelut dalam kriminil bila tidak berhasil jadi pesepak bola.

Apalagi, Melo mengaku bahwa dirinya lahir dari keluarga sederhana. Tetapi, kerja keras Melo buat jadi pemain hasilnya tak sia-sia.

"Ayahku tidak jarang bekerja hingga dua shift supaya kami konsisten hidup & aku tidak sedikit berkorban. Cuma, baru-baru ini aku mulai sejak menyadari betapa pentingnya pengorbanan tersebut. Aku tak dapat berada seperti saat ini tidak dengan mereka," kata Melo terhadap Sky Sports.

Tidak Hanya hidup dalam keluarga sederhana, Melo serta mengaku dibesarkan di dalam perkampungan bernoda.

"Banyak obat-obatan & senjata. Terkadang sesudah aku kembali dari berlatih, aku menemukan salah teman wafat. Aku mesti pilih antara sepak bola & hidup dalam kejahatan," katanya.

Melo serta menciptakan pilihan cocok dgn jadi pemain sepak bola. human nose anatomy .adv - Pemain kelahiran Brasil tersebut lumayan berhasil dalam kariernya sesudah membela klub-klub agung Eropa di antaranya Juventus, Galatasaray, & Inter Milan.

"Sepak bola amat mutlak bagi aku. Bila tak jadi pesepak bola, aku jadi pembunuh," jelasnya.