Compass shows clients the way in which


virtual office jakarta kaskus - While many people know about Bloomberg Television as well as business news services, only professionals know the company's most critical service, the Bloomberg airport terminal.

Used by more than 315, 000 clients in 174 countries, it is an excellent platform offering real-time data, news, research and investigation for businesses to produce more informed decisions.

To help smaller hedge funds, family offices as well as small companies gain access to the terminal without receiving a full subscription, Compass Offices, in co-operation with Bloomberg, has created a special space where clients can find out more on the terminal and apply it.

Mark Flatman, head of Asia-Pacific product sales at Bloomberg, claims: "For a company to access the Bloomberg Professional service is a real advantage mainly because it provides business as well as financial professionals with all the current information they ought to make smarter, better-informed investment decisions. Hedge cash, family offices and small establishments benefit from to be able to access 24-hour marketplace moving news, real-time personal information, historical data, industry research as well as analytics - all in a single platform, so they can focus their time on growing their own core business. "

All Compass clients have access to the Bloomberg Room operating out of Compass' recently opened up Citibank Plaza small business centre, where a large amount of clients are in the financial industry.

"The big winners here will be the Compass clients, " says David Smalley, manager of corporate partnerships, Compass Offices. "The Bloomberg Room concept is exclusive. We will become providing live demos and training by simply Bloomberg experts being an extra service for users. "

The pilot task will run for 3 months and will incorporate a "terminal tour", where Compass will take the Bloomberg professional service to their other centres with Hong Kong.

service office central park jakarta - Interested clients will receive their very own log-in details which enables it to use the Bloomberg Professional service into their own time. The theory is to develop exclusive opportunities for clients to connect to Bloomberg experts and enquire them questions straight.

"We hope we can keep this going ultimately, " Smalley claims. "Both companies have got innovation and entrepreneurship ingrained into their DNA, so i am working towards different initiatives to view what works for those parties. "

First-time users will get an appointment and assist with get acquainted while using the Bloomberg airport terminal. People who ask about an place of work with Compass can also gain access to the room and get a demo from a Bloomberg expert.