Fracking sector to 'pink wash'


Can't, Americans are aware that breast cancer malignancy exists, thanks towards pink color-branding marketed because of the Susan G. Komen Basis. The foundation features literally "pink washed" the full month of April, routinely partnering along with outside organizations to market products and raise money with regards to pink marketing device, which primarily pays off high salary executives, marketers and pharmaceutic sponsors. According to be able to Charity Navigator, the inspiration spent $18, 394, 170 inside 2013 on administration expenses alone, allotting $560, 896 to be able to Founder and BOSS Nancy Brinker and also $606, 461 to be able to President Elizabeth Thompson.

alat lemari asam - Unfortunately, all the red hype provides no education on the environmental toxins and heavy metals within the food and water which can be directly linked to be able to cancer, and the inspiration does nothing to scrub the world of those cancer-causing substances. The money does not go into the hands of genuine cancer patients to help you them make well informed decisions on therapy, clean water, much better nutrition and cellular detoxification; the money for the cancer management industry rather than helping people empower their very own immune systems.

Komen to advertise actual cancer-causing chemical compounds under their red guise

Now, this Susan G. Komen Foundation is usually arrogantly partnering with one of many very industries that pump cancer-causing chemicals straight to the ground -- this fracking industry. The particular Susan G. Komen Foundation features just entered in a yearlong partnership along with Baker Hughes, a new Houston-based oil subject services company. This company uses a approach to drilling called hydraulic fracturing. This method involving drilling oil uses a myriad of toxic chemicals to be able to efficiently pump oil out of the ground. The listing of chemicals is extended and causes reactions which may have unforeseen consequences.

The main ingredients include a acid which does respond with minerals present in the Earth to make salts, water and neutralized carbon dioxide. The mix also works on the biocide, killing bacteria in the process, which could be causing mutating bacteria strains within the environment. A surfactant is additionally used; these usually are disruptive to people endocrine systems. The particular chemical concoction likewise utilizes a breaker, a cross linker plus a gel to allow it to be easier for this fluid to flow from the borehole. The reaction produces ammonia and also sulfate salts. The Los Angeles Times reported over a recent government study that showed the way "some workers at oil and gas sites where fracking occurs are routinely encountered with high levels involving benzene, " a new carcinogen.

Gimmicky partnership along with chemical industries shows where the Komen Foundation really stands

What's really gimmicky about the whole partnership is usually that Baker Hughes is defined to sell 1, 000 pink-painted soccer drills speed bits to remind the masses "of the importance of supporting exploration, treatment, screening and education to help you find the cures because of this disease. " As soon as the masses buy into the facade, Baker Hughes pledges to donate $100, 000 in the proceeds of this pink drill bits here we are at the Komen Basis. Hughes' gimmicky fundraising catchphrase is usually, "Do your bit to aid Komen by creating a donation today. inch

Advocacy group Teat Cancer Action, sees through the pink cleaning, calling the red drill bit this particular year's "most ludicrous section of pink sh*t. inch

"With all this toxic chemicals Baker Hughes is pumping into the ground, we thought they didn't worry about women's health, inch said Karuna Jaggar, Teat Cancer Action's professional director. "However, this partnership with Komen helps it be clear where each organizations stand with this issue. "

lemari asam berfungsi - While a primary link between fracking and also breast cancer cannot be made, those who fully grasp the cumulative side effects of chemical toxicity on the body will agree: Cells and people DNA were never meant to come in contact with so many interruptions.

For the Susan Komen Foundation to become taken seriously, they should begin to reexamine their partnerships along with chemical industries, plus they should reevaluate wherever their money goes. In the interim, all their red washing is only a show, a new sad facade.