Large Government Conspiracy Practices Fluoride


lemari asam ( fume hood ) - What should you just found out there that cancer in america began when foodstuff processing plants became prominent and the wonderful moved closer towards the industrial plants, in which the jobs were, just after World War II? And let's say you found out from a very "reliable source" how the U. S. federal knew this processed food would lead to cancer? Would you imagine it, or could you call the folks who do believe the idea conspiracy theorists? Does it seem so RADICAL of the concept, like some excessive and malicious plan to make money with the expense of people's lives and sustenance? Or is the idea just paranoia, now being spread with the nightly news?

Suppose CNN, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes, or some other network prime moment "mainstream news" program did an enormous NATIONAL STORY about how precisely fluoride in community water is causing Alzheimer's, Osteoporosis and Arthritis, and nearly all city and county in america would be removing it in the public water supply starting first thing Monday? Then you learned the very next morning your town or city hasn't been on that listing, because your mayor just switched from your job at the chemical company, and he or she is "all for fluoridated water. " Are a person worried? Do you go out a buy expensive filters with the hardware store for the sinks, for ones showers, for every little thing? (http: //www. thedoctorwithin. com/water/water/) Does it seem so RADICAL of the concept, like some horribly unethical plan to make money down people's sickness? Or will it be just paranoia, now being spread with the ever so well-known nightly news?

Then you definitely start thinking, wait a second, could people head over to jail for picking out this idea, of fluoridating the water, or did they already head over to jail for MUSCLE SIZE MURDER? Maybe it's time and energy to do a little homework by yourself, especially since it's now all over the news.

A corporation called IG Farben worked closely while using Nazi regime along with the SS, functioning just like a war driving machine, donating some eighty million Reichsmarks in return for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries that have been seized by Hitler in the occupied countries. IG Farben next used huge investment capital from the best John D. Rockefeller and his / her Standard Oil Company to advance the creation and use of Zyklon B pesticide to gas an incredible number of Jews to dying. Scientists from IG Farben went on to work for america in major volumes, from designing rockets to be able to DESIGNING FOOD CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS AND CHEMOTHERAPY (It begun as "Project Paperclip").

Dangerous water was the planned conspiracy

A study published in Environment Health Perspectives just couple of years ago confirmed that will fluoridated water causes brain damage throughout children. The study has been the 24th one for a passing fancy subject, and the benefits were SO NOTICEABLE that experts thought it would be the end connected with water fluoridation. The fluoride levels in the children's blood were so high, when the study had attained the nightly information, America would end up being up in arms, demanding action.

Obtaining paranoid yet? Or what when the word paranoia itself has to be redefined? Maybe the dictionaries need to redefine the political correctness in the word paranoid so as to fit in with modern-day insanity when it comes to buying toxic food rather than Mother Nature's untainted organic and natural food and "medicine."

The gap is narrowing. The gap between what on earth is believed about bicycles of America to be such a respectable nation that for and "polices" the planet, and the modern-day notion that government entities not only isn't going to regulate and lessen toxic food and medicine, but promotes the idea and prospers from using it, in more ways than some other generation of wealth.

If you consider by looking additional way when the reality hits, that somehow it will not hit you, or affect you and your family, you're wrong. Disease is it being bred in deadly food and medicine that's for sale all over you. If you're shopping at the wrong stores, you might be "buying cancer. " Use it this way, should you got lost in some forest and several "bad guys" were shooting tiny deadly arrows at a person, could you just look additional way and maintain walking, or would you end up dying much ahead of necessary?

Take the last decade of collateral damage one example is

After the Plant Administration's reckless thrust of high fructose corn syrup and Jesse Rumsfeld's care no cost push of manufactured sweeteners and dangerous medications, America is living inside a downward spiral. President Obama is doing next to NOTHING to fix these monstrous concerns. Add in Monsanto's GMO corn and soy and it's likesome modern evening genocide.

Nazi Malaysia wasn't a conspiracy theory theory, it has been real, but people underestimated the movement because it rose up, and appearance what happened. Over the war, the Nazi's analyzed extreme, intolerable disorders on Jews, the best way we test monkeys and treat animals in the U. S., like the ones most carnivores take in today. How are usually GMO, poison-laden meals, which are that can cause cancer, so not the same as pushing dangerous, chemical laden vaccines (like swine and flu shots) in humans? How similar were the Nazi focus camp conditions towards the conditions we locate many animals residing in today - trapped in the horror story via birth to gloomy death - often known as CAFO's, or Centered (or Confined) Pet Feeding Operations?

The particular WAR for chemical free food and water

what are growing hiccups - There is a war going in today: the battle for chemical-free foodstuff and water. For over 75 years, the concept connected with organic food with regard to disease prevention and cure continues to be suppressed, and the complete practice of non-Allopathic medicine has been suppressed. Several doctors have been persecuted and even assassinated. Hundreds of known disease causes and cures are and still are buried within the rug, kept outside the mainstream media, outside the medical journals, and outside the mouths of the particular doctors who "sell you on their latest prescription medicine. " Chronic disorders; we know currently so well might be cured with basic, inexpensive natural treatment plans. Dr. Herbert Ley, the former U . s . FDA Commissioner continues to be quoted, "What the FDA is performing and what the public thinks it is performing are as different as for 24 hours. ".