Working From Home - The Big Debate


meeting room edinburgh airport - Have you recently found yourself debating your working from home options? If so, you're lucky to be in a rapidly growing band of businesses which have the flexibility and choice of where to work thanks to modern day technology.

For many, working from home is a simple lifestyle choice but for others it can be a daunting prospect.  Knowing that the office is just stone's throw away can leave you feeling both motivated and disheartened.

It's all about interaction

For most people work is about interaction; whether it's those water cooler moments, or the thrill of a face to face meeting.  There's no escaping the fact that in business it's important to be seen, especially when part of a team.

The world has moved on, and with it comes IM, Skype, video conferencing etc. While these new technologies might not enable physical 'pumping the flesh', they can certainly facilitate a much more visible presence, even if you're based on the other side of the world.

Achieving work-life balance

When working from home, it's difficult to separate oneself from work in the evenings or at the weekends.  To achieve the perfect work-life balance, you must be disciplined.  This is true of almost every white collar employee armed with a company smart phone.  It's hard to ignore the flashing light signalling another 3am email, but similarly, if issues do arise, at least you are well placed with everything you need at your fingertips to react quickly.

Playing with the big boys

So how do you maintain that level of professionalism when you're a one man band competing with the big boys?

Thankfully, this is one area which can be totally addressed by taking a virtual office.  Virtual offices, enable home based business owners to register their company at a professional address complete with telephone number.

Projecting the right image

From just £85 a month, your home run business will have a prime London address and telephone number. Not only does this help you to project a far more professional image, but it allows you to compete with, and win business from, much bigger players in the same arena.

serviced office jakarta pusat - For a few pounds more per month, you can also have a virtual receptionist to answer and manage all your calls, putting an end to stressful phone calls that compete with challenging background noise.

Put an end to inflated travel costs, tube strikes, office costs, commuting time and achieve a significantly improved work life balance with a virtual office from Avanta.