Used Cars Ever Jimly and Hendropriyono Go to Home Megawati

  Meeting at home coriander PDIP Megawati Soekarno re-done, in the middle of a mystery Jokowi cabinet at Merdeka Palace. This morning some of the cars seen Megawati visited.


Jenis Ikan Hias The first car entered the house Megawati on Jalan Teuku Umar, Central Jakarta, namely type car Land Cruiser 1738 SB police number at around 9:45 pm. Based on the information, the car was boarded by a senior politician Pramod Anung PDIP.

Around 10:00 pm, a black Toyota Camry with police number B 1723 RFS Megawati entered the home page. A man dressed in brown batik Megawati entered the house. Toyota Camry was never used DKPP Chairman Asshiddiqie as they came into the building KPK.

After that car, the Audi A8L sedan with nopol B 1945 LW Megawati entered the residence around 10:30 pm. When the car is parked, a woman dressed in black came out from the passenger door of the car right.

Besides women, there is still someone sitting in the passenger left. From inside the car, the person speaking with some home guards and aides Megawati carries. About 7 minutes he was in the car and talk to the aide.

After that, the house keeper Megawati met reporters and asked not to take pictures as well as away from the fence.

1945 Audi A8L bernopol LW is known to have used the former BIN chief Hendropriyono moment to the Presidential Palace on Monday (21/10) ago.

Until now, the meeting is still going on. It is unknown what was in the meeting inside. Former Deputy Hasto Kristiyanto Transition Team just arrived in Megawati. However, Hasto chose Megawati immediately entered the home page without giving information to reporters about the meeting inside.